Bande-annonce c'est un spectacle en cours d'exécution et pouvant être réservé immédiatement. Un spectacle de 20 minutes dans lequel je danse avec la mort. Contact:

Bande-annonce is a spectacular show that is running now and can be booked immediately. It's A show of 20 minutes in which I dance with the death. Contact:

Check the video:

Missy Messy et Caterina (Bande-annonce) by morgane defaix (2015)

Piano Couteau by Missy Messy
performance act, 2013
Knife act: Missy Messy
Piano: Géraldine Schenkel
Film projection: Florence Guillerman

Catclysme Piano was a show Missy Messy did in september 2012 with a selfbuilded tormented piano. It's a collaboration with Géraldine Schenkel. See this article in Le Courrier from 5 september 2012 or this information about the project

Check this Missy Messy promo video with Michelle Lo Mastro as her target! For bookings send her an email: za88za(at)

Part of this video was recorded for the Circences show by Circus Ronaldo in which Missy Messy joined for years

Dance with the Death / Danse avec la Mort

Catarina (animation) by Morgane Defaix
Missy Messy alias Zaza Kuik
Music and noise by Pierre Omer & Julien Israelian
Camera: Florence Guillermin and assistant: Gregory Rault